COVID19 Measures

As Parents ourselves we understand that all parents will be concerned around the Health and Safety of your children during these uncertain times. For your information, we have detailed the adaptations and procedures introduced to ensure the safety of all visitors.


1) Track and Trace is displayed at the studio and all visitors on-site to use the App where possible

2) Every visitor over the age of 11 is required to wear a facemask on site

3) All staff on-site are required to wear a face-covering

4) Hand sanitizer is compulsory on entering the premises and its use is encouraged at regular intervals throughout each session

5) Disposable aprons will be used and destroyed at the end of each session

6) All surfaces and seats are cleaned before and after each session with anti-bacterial wipes

7) Screens are in place to separate children working face-to-face, these are also cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes after each session.

8) Children are discouraged from using from sharing equipment and all have their own pencils, brushes, eraser and paint palette. Again these are either destroyed or disinfected after each use.

9) We do have a (basic!) toilet and wash station on-site, this is also disinfected after each use. 


Please note, the studio is small and therefore we can't guarantee that children will follow social distancing guidelines, however, we have reduced the capacity of our studio from our usual 10 down to 6 to allow for more space for each child.


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.